Advantages Of Using Glass Bottles

Posted by Admin on December, 01, 2020

If you are a user of plastic bottles then you must stop it right away and start using glass bottles instead. If you stop using plastic bottles then not only are you caring about your health but along with that, you’re also saving the environment. You will find many glass bottle suppliers in West Bengal who will provide you with great quality bottles.
You must consider shifting to a glass bottle from the plastic ones, as they are much more eco-friendly, gives you an even better taste and it’s also beneficial for your health.
You can buy many aesthetically pleasing glass bottles from any bottle suppliers in West Bengal.

These are some of the benefits of using a glass bottle –
Easy to clean –
• If you buy a glass bottle then it is much easier to keep clean than any other material. Glass bottles can be cleaned easily. Also, they don’t lose their clarity after being washed or being infused with herb and fruit blends.
• But plastic bottle usually gets washed and infused. You can also sterilize them in a dishwasher at high heat.
• The glass bottles will not degrade or melt due to the extreme heat sterilization. All the potential toxins get eliminated. Without losing the structure or the integrity of the glass bottle.
Does not have any contaminants –
• Almost everyone has at least once had the very awful experience of having a sip from a metal or plastic bottle and tasting something which is not normal water.
• Sometimes it might be harmless as just the residual taste from a container which holds something that is not water.
• Although, there can be some harmful chemicals present in it too, like BPA, the bisphenol A, which can be harmful for human consumption.
• The glass bottle does not leach any chemicals does not do it absorb any type of residual taste or odour of the other beverages.
Glass bottle is are environment friendly –
• Glass is something which can be recycled endlessly. Therefore, it does not end up being in the water bodies or landfills, making then dirty.
• Whereas, a plastic bottle is extremely harmful to the environment. As they cannot be fully recycled therefore, in the end, they land in either some water body or maybe in a landfill. Or just randomly lying around places.
• There are a total of around 30 plastic types available and among them, only 7 are believed to be recyclable.
• But glass only needs one sorting criterion which is its colour. Mostly all the glasses in the factories age manufactured using the post-consumer recycled glass which is crushed, then melted and there are new products made out of it.
Keeps up with a constant temperature –
• Glass bottle can hold temperature much better than the plastic ones. Whether the liquid is hot or cold, the glass bottles keep up better with the temperature.
• You can also use a glass bottle for storing other liquids than water. As it does not absorb any colours, foreign flavours or even odours.
• Which means, you easily use a glass bottle for holding something hot in the morning and then you can again use the same for holding something extremely cold.
These are the advantages of using a glass bottle over anything else.
You will find a good quality of bottle suppliers in West Bengal from where you can buy great glass bottles.

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