Sauce Bottle Supplier In Kolkata – Why It’s The Best Packaging Material

Posted by Admin on July, 01, 2024

Sauce Bottle and glass jars supplied by the Sauce Bottle Supplier in Kolkata are the finest packaging resolution for packaging many kinds of sauce - like tomato sauce, BBQ, salsa, hot sauce and cooking sauce. These glass containers let zero permeability, conserve the taste and quality of the product packed, prevent chemical leaching, upsurge shelf life, and give the best look to the product. It has been around for a long time, but its admiration is increasing now more than ever.

Around the world, ketchup and sauce are extensively used flavour relishes found in nearly every kitchen. However, in many countries, tomato sauce and chilli sauce are the most popular sauces.

Because ketchup is vital to our eating habits, sauce producers must confirm that their sauces reach consumers in the finest possible condition by using suitable packaging material.

Why the glass sauce bottles are perfect packaging material for sauces?

Permeability is zero -

Glazing guards the contents of a container from the air, moisture, and other liquids that can make a breeding ground for microorganisms in sauces/bottles of ketchup. Since glass bottles do not disturb the taste or smell of sauces and ketchup, their holders do not have to worry about this.

Glass' material and shape are not impacted by external temperatures, such as heat, as different to plastics, which can melt and affect product quality. Packaging food and drinks in glass certifies that they stay fresh for an extended period.

Material for packaging that is as nontoxic as possible -

Consumer products packaged in Glass are one of the harmless materials to use. Glass is the only extensively used food packaging material certified by the CDSCO, which shows why it is an outstanding choice for sauce and ketchup manufacturers.

Alumina and silica are natural constituents that make them sluggish and non-reactive. That's prodigious news for companies that make hot and spicy sauces, which are inclined to be acidic! Acidic substances have a superior chance of triggering packaging materials such as plastic to leach into a product, disturbing the consumer's health and lowering your product's score.

Shelf life extended -

Sauces and ketchup packed in glass bottles have a shelf life of up to 33 per cent lengthier than plastic packaging. Growing the shelf life of a product has numerous benefits, comprising more time for exporting to new or distant markets. It also upsurges customer satisfaction by letting the product be used for more extended periods. Because the ketchup in the glass bottle will stop premature expiration losses, producers and consumers will save money.

The product is given a premium appearance -

Likewise, glass bottles give the best appearance to the product and are more visually attractive than other packaging materials. Human nature dictates that we buy visually appealing products, even if they are more expensive. Due to their best appearance and attraction, sauces and ketchup packaged in glass bottles can upsurge sales.

Qualities of a sauce bottle supplier in Kolkata

• High Tensile strength

• Good Chemical resistance

• Moisture and air barrier properties

• Excellent quality material

• Lightweight so easy to transport

• Affordable pricing

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